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MCCD Weekly Meeting

  • 8:00 am
  • Saint Ann's Parish, Griswold Room, 82 Shore Road, Old Lyme, CT
  • 860-434-1621

Mentoring Corps for Community Development

Saint Ann’s Church became a founding institution of MCCD in June, 2012.  MCCD’s mission is to encourage and empower those with needs by drawing into service volunteer mentors with special talents and expertise, thereby creating a more vital and engaged community (with “community” referring mainly to Middlesex and New London Counties).  It is a non-profit division of CIME*, also a 501 c (3).

*CIME is a 501 (c) 3 US non-profit organization, called Center for International Management Education.  It was established in 1990, initially to promote democracy and free enterprise inside the Soviet Union.  The group then ventured into assisting with economic development and legal frameworks for free enterprise in eastern Europe.  They scaled way back in 2002.  In past two years, they helped with housing and agricultural projects in Northern Uganda.  The Board of CIME voted to adopt MCCD as a separate division, thereby giving MCCD instant non-profit status with a mission compatible with CIME in that it is still mentoring for the betterment of mankind, though in this case, the mentoring is local, not in the developing world.