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At Saint Ann’s Episcopal Church and online

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March 23–24, 2017

March 23th 8:45am-4:00pm

March 24th 8:45am-4:oopm


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Thursday, March 23
Registration Opens | Saint Ann’s Episcopal
Gathering in Song and Prayer – Melanie DeMore, Vocal Activist
Session 1: “Water: Commons or Commodity?”
The United Nations has declared water as a human right. Global markets regard it as a commodity. Can a fresh approach to market capitalism serve the common good, or does the world need a new and different system of exchange?
Opening Talk: Maude Barlow, Blue Planet Project, “Our Right to Water
Response: Christiana Z. Peppard, Fordham University
Theatrical Response: original sketch by young performers
Video: Church of South India
Storytellers: Nakiya Wakes (Flint, Michigan), Brandon Mauai (Standing Rock, North Dakota), Winston Halapua (Fiji)
Session 2: The Global and the Local
As Hurricane Sandy demonstrated, New York City is vulnerable to sea rise and surge. Climate change is making matters worse. Speakers will examine New York’s issues as a model of how to examine local problems in light of global realities.
Gathering in Song and Prayer – Melanie DeMore, Vocal Activist
Opening Talk: Kim Stanley Robinson – Reading and commenting on his forthcoming novel New York 2140, an apocalyptic vision of the city after melting ice caps cause sea levels to rise.
Theatrical Response: original sketch by young performers
Panel response:
Moderator: Catherine Hughes, former Manhattan Community Board One Chair
Panelists: Bill Golden – New York/New Jersey Storm Surge Working Group; Siobhan Collins – Manager, Water Program, CERES; Rob Freudenberg – Regional Plan Association (RPA)
Friday, March 24
Meet at Saint Ann’s Episcopal
Gathering in Song and Prayer – Melanie DeMore and choirs from South Africa via Skype
Session 3: “What Churches Are Doing to Make a Difference”
People of faith are working for water justice all over the world. Speakers will talk in practical terms about the challenges and achievements, and we will examine what strategies lead to projects that truly improve people’s lives.
Opening Talk: Archbishop Thabo Makgoba – Speaking live from St. George’s Cathedral, Cape Town, South Africa
Storytellers: Sam Brannon (The Rio Grande), Tess Corkish (The Great Barrier Reef – via Skype), Alyssa Genaro and Heidi Martinez (Bronx, NY)
Video: La Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba
David Toomey, Ph.D. Development Economist and Director, Makana Consulting, Water Justice at Work; Strategies for Sustainable Water Access
Session 4: “Being Agents of Change”
As the conference closes, our work begins in earnest. Our speaker is a leading climate scientist who knows both the data on climate change and its impact and also the solutions that lead her to say “Together, we can fix this.”
Gathering in Song and Prayer – Melanie DeMore, Vocal Activist
Opening Talk: Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist (Texas Tech), author
Storytellers: Anne Kirori (Kenya – by video), Asif Iqbal (Pakistan)
Theatrical Response: original sketch by young performers
Community Reflection Closing


Water is a gift. Water is life. As water crises increase, access to safe and clean drinking water decreases.

From Flint to Standing Rock, many of today’s most pressing social issues revolve around water. Faith communities worldwide can help.

Be part of Trinity Institute 2017: Water Justice, a global conference held in New York City and webcast all over the world. With a sharp focus on the need for water justice initiatives in areas of access, droughts, pollution, rising tides, and flooding, Trinity Institute aims to offer actionable guidance for individuals, congregations, and the larger faith community surrounding these issues. This year we’ll hear from Barbara Boxer, Christiana Peppard, Winston Halapua, Thabo Makgoba, Katharine Hayhoe, Maude Barlow, David Toomey, Kim Stanley Robinson, and others.

Why attend Trinity Institute 2017?

Now is the time to address pressing issues of water justice, and you have the power to make a difference. At Trinity Institute 2017 you will:

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for water as a sacred gift, nurturer, and sustainer of life

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the relationship between water issues and climate change

  • Learn what individuals, organizations, and societies can do to mitigate and adapt to water issues of access, pollution, drought, flooding, and rising tides

  • Discover how the global Christian community is uniquely equipped to effect change

  • Get connected with opportunities to join existing projects and ministries

  • Receive guidance and support to create (or re-energize) effective water justice ministries in local contexts

  • Access robust educational resources, networks, and relationships to maintain ongoing impact