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2017 Bible Study & Book Group

  • 10:00 AM

        2017 Bible Study & Book Group

This book is available from Amazon.  It is best for class purposes to purchase the printed version, not the Kindle edition.

EXODUS:  The Book of Redemption

Monday’s –beginning Jan 2nd – ending Feb. 27th (NO CLASS JAN 30) 

Classes run from 10:00 – 11:30 am

Please bring the book and a Bible to each class.

The book of Exodus is the West’s meta-narrative of hope.  It tells an astonishing story of how a group of slaves were liberated from the mightiest empire of the ancient world. Theologically, its message is even more revolutionary:  the supreme power intervenes in history in defense of the powerless.  Exodus is about the birth of a nation; about politics, society, and the principles on which a people can come together to form associations.  Thus it teaches us about justice, freedom and the rule of law; about the sanctity of life and human dignity,  At the heart of Exodus is the monumental covenant at Sinai, which is nothing less than the first-ever statement of a free society, in which an entire nation committed itself to the sovereignty of God, with the revolutionary understanding that the religious situation is a partnership, a reciprocal relationship, between God and humankind.