Becoming a Member Saint Ann’s Parish and the Episcopal Church

ConfirmationVisitors and newcomers are always welcome to participate in our worship, ministries and programs. The church is welcoming of people from all traditions, and our calling is to be hospitable to all people, regardless of creed.
If you who would like to make a formal association with the parish please contact the Parish Administrator by email ( or by telephone at 860-434-1621.
We attempt to nurture a strong sense of community which embraces a willingness not only to tolerate, but to celebrate differences. The worldwide Anglican (Episcopal) Communion encompasses a multitude of ethnic and cultural traditions. Our unity is in Christ, not in conformity of opinion.
We hold to a heritage that takes the Bible seriously, but is not bound by literalism. The Bible is a collection of books written over many centuries, which must be seen in their historical, literary, and cultural context. The Bible is taken as the Word of God; it speaks with a rich, complex, and varied tone. To pull verses out of the comprehensive context of the Scriptural canon is to do the texts a disservice.We are devoted to the Biblical sacraments instituted by Jesus, which evoke awe and mystery. We believe that God is at work in these sacraments, Baptism, and Holy Communion, being primary.  Our worship has a ceremonial, formal and aesthetic quality that contributes to the sense of the presence of God, and honors the gathered community as the people of God.
We believe that all persons have a role in ministry. Ministry is rightfully the obligation and privilege of every baptized person. We are all ministers, not just the clergy. The Church declares that every person has a ministry in his or her vocation. It is the role of the Church to prepare persons spiritually for these tasks and for a life:  rooted in baptism and the Christian faith and in God’s purpose.

Why ?

Here are some reasons why many people have chosen to become members of the Episcopal Church:

  • Our worship is not passive
  • We worship God as a community that is gathered both physically, and spiritually, in prayer.
  • Our worship is our liturgy, which means (literally) it is “the work of the people”.
  • We strive to believe that every human being is a whole person on a journey becoming who God calls them to be.
  • We worship with our minds, hearts, and bodies – hence the postures of sitting, kneeling and standing.  We hope to allow you to depart our worship experience with a renewed spirit and purpose, in your service to Jesus Christ, in our world.
photoOur theology demands our intelligence, not our submission.
God gives us minds to think.
Our theology is never static, as it is always informed as we open our ears and hearts to the Scripture, honoring our evolving traditions, and informed by our God-given ability to openly discuss and reason. We are called to be Christians in our own time, as a people who are attentive to the Word of God, as it is given in the present time, to us.  We believe that through the power of the Holy Spirit God continues to speak to us, the people of God.