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eNewsletter January 14, 2017 – January 27, 2017





It’s great to be among the Saint Ann’s family. Again, I have missed you all.  I thank you, for the remarkably warm welcome on Sunday, January 8. The liturgy, celebration at the Eucharist, and feast after each service was a great celebration.  The words shared by the senior warden in the prayer and blessing by John O’Donohue have given me great strength this last week. I am honored and privileged to be here healthy and ready to serve. Thank you all.

So the year was 1958, a good year for two births, mine and Kathy Rowe’s, among others.  This was also a good year for the church at large, as that was the year that the Dominican Pire, George Charles Clement Ghislain Pire was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in helping refugees (in post-World War II Europe), find comfort after the ravages of war. His work is a model for us all even today. I know Georges Pire had an influence on the clergy of his day.

1958 was also the the year that the Rev. George Wells Razee was called to be rector of St. Peter’s-Trinity Church, Thomaston Connecticut. George had been ordained a deacon in 1956 having graduated from Berkeley Divinity School, Yale University in 1956.

On 14 June after graduation George was ordained Deacon in the Church, he began his church work at Christ Church, Stratford, CT, being ordained to the Priesthood on April 16 1957 by The Rt. Rev. Walter H Gray. It was only a few months later that George married Nancy Griggs on the 13th of July 1957.  We have all benefited from this marriage, and thank God for their continued ministry among us.

George has served his entire ordained ministry in Connecticut. He first served as Rector of Christ Church, Stratford 1956-1958, before being called to serve as Rector in Thomaston for nine years. In 1967 George was called to be Rector as St. John’s Episcopal Church, Bristol, where he served for 21 years. He then served the Diocese from 1984-1989…and moved into retirement.

But honestly, if you’ve ever known George, he has never retired. He has served the community of Essex Meadows each month with a service of Holy Communion offered to all residents. Most importantly he has been a beacon of God’s steadfast love to all he has encountered. George has been honored this week at Essex Meadows not only for his faithfulness in his service to Christ, but for the gifts of photography that have continually been displayed on it’s walls. George has a genuine interest in nurturing and encouraging others as he and Nancy walk the hallways of Essex Meadows, or the sidewalks in Essex Connecticut.

We have been blessed by our time together and honor George’s ministry this week at Saint Ann’s too and say, ‘Thank you and well done, good and faithful servant.’ 


George also received a letter from Bishop Douglas regarding his “retirement”:

12 January, 2017

The Rev. George W. Razee234 Essex Meadows

Essex, CT  06426

Dear George:

I understand from the Rev. Mark Robinson that you have chosen to stop presiding regularly at the celebrations of the Eucharist at Essex Meadows, Essex, recorded at Saint John’s, Essex, and Saint Ann’s, Old Lyme, alternatively.  I further understand that you have made this decision because, at age 92, you want to make space for younger priests of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut to carry the torch.  I support your decision completely and give thanks for your long-serving ministry.

I am so sorry that I cannot be with you and so many others who have appreciated your ministry and faithfulness, and who today celebrate your ministry at Essex Meadows.  I have other commitments that preclude me from attending.  I do hope you understand.  I will indeed pray for you as your ministry is honored.

I thank God for all your gifts and faithfulness to God’s mission through the Episcopal Church for so many years.  You have blessed us and blessed the Body of Christ.  At this time all I can add is:  “Well done good and faithful servant.”

May God continue to bless you in your life and ministry.  I look forward to bumping into you in and around Essex.


The Rt. Rev. Ian T. DouglasBishop Diocesan of Connecticut













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