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eNewsletter December 03, 2016- December 16, 2016





I am delighted and grateful that Mark is now in fullness of health and eager to return to his vocation as your rector.  And I invite you to see the personal message from Mark below. 

I give great thanksgiving to God, to Mark, your vestry and each of you for calling me to serve you this past year.   It has been a privilege and a joy to be at God’s altar here and to participate in the worship and life of this parish.  

While I rejoice with Mark’s return I am saddened that my ministry with you is coming to an end.  I will continue to be present through December and on the 8th January I will be joining you in celebrating Mark’s return.   I am also invited to return for the Annual Meeting to celebrate all that has been accomplished in this past year and to join in your prayer for Christ’s newly energized ministry at Saint Ann’s for 2017.

Yours in Christ love,



Dear People of Saint Ann’s,   



Advent is all about preparation and anticipation– culminating in a celebration. My childhood memories of Advent are of a time growing up in the village town of Granville, Ohio. I remember on my walk to school watching decorations appear overnight on some houses, while others  would evolve from an unlit multi color strand of big lights dangling off the corner of a gutter culminating three weeks later into a symphonic light show. In the closing days of Advent my siblings and I would wrap ourselves in our sleeping bags and pillows, crammed into the ‘way back’ of the station wagon for the tour of our neighborhood light show. On the last Sunday in Advent, we would gather the whole parish for the ‘greening of the church’. It was a culmination before the celebration. It prepared us for what was to come. Celebration. It is timely for us all to reflect on this emotive season. I have done a great deal of this personally, while I too await my return to work as your Rector at Saint Ann’s Church. With this in mind, I reflect on my state of mind. The preparation and anticipation I face is about rejoining you all, once again in a new way, as part of the Saint Ann’s parish family. I am sure you too will teach me what you have gone through in these last nine months, as I look forward in hearing from each of you. With each leadership shift there comes an adjustment of style, energy, and ethos. We are all part of God’s amazing and evolving family, called to celebrate as we serve, rejoice in the midst of prayer, and ponder in wonder and awe as we grow and celebrate our differences together. This is the joy and challenge of our next phase together. A leadership path might appear as rigid or fluid, nevertheless, the Holy Spirit will ease and adjust, and adjust again, and hopefully end up with a community of faith, in our Episcopal tradition, growing together to the Glory of God’s kingdom on earth. Amidst the uncertainty, fear and joy of overcoming a chronic illness, has come an outpouring of love and support from near and far. Organ transplants are a dramatic, modern, medical miracle. They involve the work of a highly skilled medical team, combined with the care of sensitive and attentive social work professionals that manage the cases of donors and recipients. Preparation and anticipation are the guiding principles of those involved with an organ transplant. If the patient is fortunate enough to reach the phase of celebration, then the entire team rejoices in a job well done, and the miracle of new life. I celebrate the opportunity to stand at the altar, once again, at Saint Ann’s when I return full-time on 3rd January 2017. We will rejoice in the extraordinary leadership of the Rev. Pat Hames and the Rev. Page Rogers for their steady care of the flock while I have been on medical leave. Thanks to these skilled and caring professionals, as well as the leadership of the Vestry and staff, I return to a strong and able parish, while I too feel far more strong and able to celebrate with you again. 

Thanks be to God. 






Dear friends at Saint Ann’s,           


A blessed Advent season to all of you!!  I’m writing with some news.  As we prepare for the coming of Our Lord, and the return of our Rector, Mark Robinson, I am preparing to enter more fully into my retirement.  Starting Jan 1 I will be moving to a schedule of five hours, or one day a week, at Saint Ann’s.  This will involve three weekdays, and one Sunday a month for January and February 2017, providing the parish with some continuity of clergy leadership, and Mark with some overlap for awhile.  My time at Saint Ann’s will end on February 28, 2017.  Mark has been extremely sensitive to my needs to be more available to my aging Mom who lives in Guilford, and to attend to many personal matters, all of which have been on hold for the past few years.  The other piece is that Mark needs the freedom to assess the staffing/ministry needs for the future of St. Ann’s.

I will be preaching one Sunday in Dec, Jan and Feb.  I will be here on Christmas Day!  And I will be teaching one last Monday book group called: Covenant & Conversation:  EXODUS:  The Book of Redemption.  The book is by our favorite rabbi: Jonathan Sacks.  This group will begin meeting on Monday, Jan. 2nd at 10:30 am in the Griswold Room.  The book is available from Amazon.  If you plan to attend please order up ASAP. All are welcome!!

My time among you has been such a gift to me personally and professionally, and has provided a meaningful segué from a life of full-time parish ministry into a time of retirement.  You have provided love, support, boundless faith, energy, encouragement and challenge.  I will miss my shared partnership in the Gospel with you and Mark, but have every confidence that your ministry will continue, as I will remember you in my prayers. My prayer for the days ahead is that we can spend time together praising God for all he has given us, and thank each other for all we have shared.

with love and prayers,  









A note from your Wardens

Dear Fellow Parishioners,


As you can see from the letters above, this is a time of immense change in our parish, all of which are cause for celebration here at Saint Ann’s. The Executive Committee and Vestry are grateful for the patience with which you have stood by us in faith as we worked out the details for this period of transition; we hope you agree that we have a plan that honors all involved–clergy, staff and you, our parish family.

We have been blessed in these past years to have been under the loving and prayerful care of three marvelous clergy; accordingly, we plan to celebrate each of these individuals and all that they mean to our parish.

Details for these events are being finalized and will be communicated to you very soon!

With great gratitude,

Alden and Kathy





















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