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eNewsletter May 6, 2017 – May 19, 2017





Happy Easter. We heard on Easter Sunday about the power of women’s voices sharing the gospel out in the world. Clearly, and thank the Lord, women today have more rights than they did in the first century. But today, the place of women in private and public life is still being debating in ways which continue to denigrate the very worth of women.


As I mentioned in my Easter Day Sermon, women continue to be marginalized. As a father of three daughters, and married to an exceptional woman, I hold up Mary’s voice as one which has taught me the significance and importance of hearing and heeding a woman’s voice. The story of Jesus as the risen Christ might literally had not been heard had Mary not spoken, allowing others to become witnesses to her experience with the risen Jesus.


Over the years, I have witnessed many women and men at Saint Ann’s step up and participate as leaders in numerous ways: volunteering at the Nearly New Shop, serving on committees, preparing the altar for our weekly Easter? celebration, evensong, a wedding or funeral. All of this is accomplished due to someone volunteering their time to benefit others in the name of the risen Christ.


Our culture has seen a decline in volunteering, and if we desire to see God’s mission to be achieved on behalf of our risen Christ, now is the time to engage with others and step into what can become a life-giving ministry in service to God. Participate in a new way in the community by serving God’s mission of reconciliation, and peace, which will bring restoration of God’s word to all of life.


What we witnessed on Easter Sunday was a great gift to the power of the many witnesses within our community. Our work does not end with a liturgical event, rather it is empowered because of it.


Happy Easter from all of us at Saint Ann’s to each of you.


Easter Blessings,





































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