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The Nearly New Shop
- located at 7The Nearly New Shop0 Shore Road, Old Lyme - 860-434-5514 (click for Nearly New Site


What is the Nearly New Shop?
It is Saint Ann’s major outreach program, a consignment shop which raises funds to support the work of our church and to contribute to local community and national mission programs. It also serves as a place for fellowship and support for a dedicated group of volunteers.

What is the Shop’s history?
Over fifty years ago, a small resale shop was started in a private home in Old Lyme. In 1956, when the congregation of Saint Ann’s moved out of the little mission house at the corner of Mile Creek Road and Route 156 into its present location, the Nearly New Shop moved in, and it has thrived there ever since.


inside shopWhat Does the Nearly New Shop sell?
The shop does not specialize -- it takes in just about anything that is saleable. Women's clothing is the biggest item: men’s clothing is taken as donation. All kinds of household goods can be found in the shop: kitchen items, games, lamps, pictures, valuable crystal and china, linens of most kinds. The shop has very high standards of cleanliness and suitability for what is taken in. Clothing changes with the season, and if it does not sell within a reasonable amount of time, it is sent to other organizations which benefit from it.




How does the Shop get the things it sells?
Items are given as donations outright by people who prefer to deduct the sale value from their income tax, or items are taken in on consignment, whereby the consignor receives 50% of the sale price and the Shop receives 50%. The Shop has records of approximately 100 donors and it has received items from over 1,000 consignors who come from many towns in the state, and from several other states as well.

Who works at the Nearly New Shop?
About one hundred and ten people! They are mostly members of Saint Ann’s who value the contribution of the Shop to the church, but about one-third of them are non-parishioners who support the outreach done and enjoy the camaraderie between fellow workers and/or customers.

What do volunteers do at the Shop?
They sell to the customers, do intake, mark the items for sale, stock the shelves, enter the sales into the computer, paint, tend the garden, have fun, and feel good about what they are doing.

Nearly New Shop Banner

How do we use the profits?
The Nearly New Shop retains a full time paid Manager and two part-time assistant managers, and it maintains the care and upkeep of the building. All funds left after these expenses are paid are donated to the church, two-thirds contributed to the operating budget, and one-third contributed to the Women of Saint Ann’s. The Saint Ann’s Outreach Committee and the WSA then, respectively, allocate these funds to approved mission and outreach projects.

Who runs the Nearly New Shop?
In addition to the Manager and two assistant managers, who run the Shop on a day-to-day basis, the business is overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of five parish members: the President, the Treasurer, the Public Relations Coordinator, the WSA representative (appointed by the WSA), and a Member-at-Large (elected by a nominating committee appointed by the Board). The President serves on Saint Ann’s Vestry as a liaison for the Shop. By means of this system, the Shop is accountable to the Vestry of Saint Ann’s and its parishioners.

What does the Nearly New Shop need?
Most of all, it needs you! There are never enough volunteers to do all that must be done. Even if you can give only a small amount of time, a spot will be found for you. Working persons are encouraged to help out on Saturdays. In addition, the Shop needs your donations and consignments.

Please think of the shop when you are cleaning your closets. Your good used clothing or those kitchen utensils you never use will turn into gold for you and the church.

And finally, we invite you to come into the Shop for its wonderful bargains and the thrill of discovering a treasure. “Thrifters” have more fun than anyone.