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Liturgy - Lay Leaders

Acolytes:palm sunday
Acolytes assist the priest, leading the movement of the Liturgy of the Word and serving at the altar during the Eucharist.

Adult Acolytes are appointed for the 8:30 service.
Youth Acolytes (5th through 12th grade) assist at the 10:30 service.
Adult -Kathy Rowe (860-434-1621)
Youth - Kathy Rowe (434-1621)

Lectors are designated to read the Old Testament and Epistle lessons within the Sunday services.

Lectors are scheduled on a rotational basis throughout the year.
Contact: Kathy Rowe (860-434-1621)


Intercessors lead the Prayers of the People at Sunday services. Sometimes intercessors are not used during the service depending on the form of prayer.

When used, they are scheduled on a rotational basis throughout the year.
Contact: Kathy Rowe (860-434-1621)

Oblationers are appointed to present the gifts of bread and wine for use at communion. They are carried forward during the offertory hymn.

Oblationers are scheduled on a rotational basis throughout the year.
Contact: Kathy Rowe (860-434-1621)

Ushers look after many of the details of Sunday worship. They greet parishioners and help seat them, take the collection and present it, direct parishioners at communion, and straighten up the nave after services.

Ushers are scheduled on a rotational basis through the year.
Contact: Kathy Rowe (860-434-1621)

Two designated roles within worship require licensing by the Bishop of the Diocese. They are Chalicists and Lay Eucharistic Ministers. Persons seeking to be licensed must be presented by the Rector and approved by the Vestry. Licenses are issued annually.

Chalicists assist the priest with the distribution of the elements of communion for all Sunday services.

Chalicists serve on a rotational basis throughout the church year.
Contact: The Rector (434-1621)

Lay Eucharistic Ministers:
Lay Eucharistic Ministers take communion to persons who are shut in immediately after Sunday services. They make home visits and lead a short service of communion for those who are unable to be present at the church.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve as needed, generally on a bi-weekly schedule.
Contact: The Rector (434-1621)

Choir:thanksgiving altar
The choir leads the music ministry at the 10:30 Sunday service from September through June. Special works are scheduled for Christmas, Holy Week and Easter.

The Choir rehearses on Thursday nights from 7:30 to 9:00, and on Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:00.
Contact: Violeta Chan-Scott (739-6069)

Altar Guild:
Altar Guild members dress the altar, set the table for all services including weddings and funerals, remove and clean linens and vessels after services, arrange flowers for the altar, and order all supplies such as wine, linens, and candles.

Altar Guild Members are scheduled according to the service needs of the church by the Altar Guild Directresses.
Contact: Diane Rogers (434-0780)