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Groups for Education, Reflection, and Discussion

Saint Ann'sThere are many small groups at Saint Ann’s that gather both formally and informally to explore shared interests or grow together in fellowship and conversation. The clergy and staff offer regular opportunities for meditation, learning, and spiritual growth, and many small groups of lay persons meet for fellowship and mutual support.

The best way to learn about these groups is through interactions with parishioners. Many groups meet irregularly and don’t publish meeting times. Below is listed a small sampling of what is offered.


Saturday Men's Group:
The Men's group meets for conversation and study. Discussions range from public events to individual concerns. Most often a text, secular or sacred, is used as a catalyst to discussion.
The Men's Group meets September to June, from 8:30 to 10:00 am.
Contact: Dick Dillenbeck (434-9737)

Beyond Coffee Hour:
The Beyond Coffee Hour Groups are composed of 5-8 persons who meet regularly, generally in parishioners’ homes. Their purpose is to afford a venue by which fellowship can be expanded beyond the limited conversations that occur casually before and after services. This is a place where people speak together privately and often in depth.

Contact: Jill Whitney (434-0033)

Retreats are regularly scheduled. These provide persons the opportunity for quiet reflection in a space removed for a while from the bustle of their usual routines. Retreats are sometimes held locally or they are arranged at the Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, New York.

Contact: The Church (434-1621)

AA and Alanon:
Saint Ann’s hosts weekly meetings for both Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon.
AA meets on Friday nights at 8:00.
Alanon meets on Sunday nights at 7:30.