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About Us:

Our Mission and a Brief History:

Established in 1883 as an Episcopal mission in the Black Hall section of Old Lyme, Saint Ann’s founders were Charles Griswold Bartlett and his wife, Annie, who ran a boy’s preparatory school for Yale. They were aided by their ecclesiastical mentor, the Rev. W.B. Buckingham, Archdeacon of what is now the New London Deanery. For several years Mr. Bartlett and students form Berkeley Divinity School performed services in the school for the boys and townspeople. Once a month a priest arrived on horseback to celebrate the Eucharist. One of these priests was the Rev. Theodore M. Peck, who is thought to have been instrumental in the erection in 1892 of a Guild House at the corner of Mile Creek and Bailey Roads where services would now be held. (read more)


Staff Directory:

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On Being an Episcoplian:Good Friday

Here are some reasons why many people have chosen the Episcopal Church:

Our worship is not passive. We worship God as a community that is gathered both physically and in prayer. Our worship is a liturgy, which means literally that it is the work of the people. Because we believe human beings are whole persons, we worship with our minds, hearts, and bodies - hence the postures of sitting, kneeling and standing.

Our theology demands our intelligence rather than our submission. God gives us minds to think. Our theology is always informed by listening to Scriptures, to tradition, and to reason. We are called to be Christians in our own time and people who are attentive to the Word of God as it is given in the present context. (read more)

Becoming a Member:

Visitors and newcomers are always invited to participate in our worship and programs. The church is welcoming of persons from all traditions, and our calling is to be hospitable to all persons regardless of creed.

Persons who would like to make a formal association with the church are invited to contact the Rector or the Parish Secretary. We will contact you as soon as possible.


The Vestry is the principle governing board of the parish. It determines the annual budget and oversees all programs, organizations, activities, committees, and staff.

The Vestry is comprised of four officers (Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer and Clerk), five members who serve as liaisons to parish committees (Stewardship, Parish Life, and Outreach), one liaison to the Nearly New Shop (Chair of the Board), and one member in charge of Property Administration.

All vestry members are elected by vote of the parish's members at the Annual Meeting.

The Vestry meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Meetings are open to all parishioners.
Contact: Beth Sullivan, Senior Warden (860-434-7911)

Vestry OfficersPentecost Flames

Beth Sullivan
Senior Warden

Kathy Kronholm
Junior Warden

Heather Dillenbeck

Maryann Clandy

Vestry Members:

Deb Czarnecki
Dick Hall
Carl Igelbrink
Alison Ives
Jane Keydel
George Mathanool
Tami Miglio


Finance Committee: The Finance Committee advises the Vestry regarding the church's investments. It works in conjunction with the investment manager overseeing Saint Ann's portfolio, and meets quarterly.
Contact: Stanford Brainerd (434-0694)